Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Navori’s North American team fortifies position with local R&D department

Swiss based NAVORI is managing its US and Canadian markets from their branch office in Montreal.

Given the growth NAVORI had in the region, the company decided to expand its US technical support department with R&D resources.

“NAVORI Inc, our North American branch office was founded in 2009 and we already were break even at the end of the first year of operations. In the beginning we had a commercial and support staff and a showroom.

Today NAVORI Inc represents 25% of our global turn-over and we employ 8 people full time” says Jerome Moeri, founder and CEO of Navori. “Given this positive experience and the positive reactions we have on our NAVORI QL software solution we decided to take a next step creating a Research and Development department dedicated to the North American market.

This engineering team is an integral part of our Global R&D center in Switzerland and will manage custom developments for our strategic clients in the US” This will also ensure even more sup-port offering an even quicker response time in complex integration issues and the US R&D will part in the product development adding addition-al features to the NAVORI QL Digital Signage platform.