Monday, July 1, 2013


Second biggest US air-way hub chooses Swiss technology partner.

Swiss software developer NAVORI was awarded a contract for the Digital Signage system being deployed at Chicago’s O’Hare air-port.

In a first phase the NAVORI QL system will display way finding information, flight information and real-time news and weather information in the airport’s main corridors.

In case of any calamity, emergency and evacuation messages can be triggered automatically.
A second project phase incudes further roll-out in the airport building as well as the installation of Signage screens in the terminal shuttle trains and buses.

These automotive screens will have secure 3G and WiFi connection and will display location based real time information as well as audio and video announcements of the trajectory and gates. Audio files can be as-signed to the automotive player units announcing next stop or terminal information. Location-based and position precise content can be created and delivered to these vehicles with NAVORI QL Manager.

“We’ll have more of such projects in the pipeline, certainly with the upcoming hybridization of our NAVORI QL Server platform” says AurĂ©lien Defendi, Navori’s Sales Director. “Google An-droid player technology is becoming widely available on low cost player hardware. This will seriously leverage new installs and extensions of existing networks.” The Android QL player will be fully compatible with the renowned QL platform at the same stunning TV grade playback quality.

This project was realized with Navori partner Entre Computer Solutions from their Beloit, Wisconsin, offices. CAL Communications from Buffalo Grove, Illinois was the project integrator.