Monday, March 24, 2014

Saline Water Conversion Corporation picks Navori for visitor and staff communication project

Saline Water Conversion Corporation is a Saudi Arabian government corporation responsible for desalinating sea water to augment the supply of potable water to coastal and inland cities in the Kingdom. SWCC is also the second largest electric power producer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SWCC wanted to upgrade their current forms of visitor and staff communication whenever entering and leaving the premises.  The existing print material signage just wasn’t effective so SWCC decided to look into digital signage.  After reviewing several solutions, the company selected the Navori QL software platform.  Here is why...

First, the Navori QL software interface is available in Arabic and the product is extremely easy to use.  Switching between languages requires a couple of mouse clicks and since the software is accessible via any web browser, there is no additional software required which simplifies installations and future maintenance.

Another key point was the software’s ability to display both Western and Arabic characters in server hosted data feeds and external RSS/xml feeds.  No other digital signage platform is this versatile.

SWCC was also very impressed with the software’s ease of deployment and scalability.  It’s extremely easy to add and manage players using the software’s graphical user interface.  Best of all, users are kept informed of the status of every player on the network in real-time.  Alerts and notices are displayed in the application interface and email notifications can be sent to technical and management staff for quick response.

The fact Navori has a local presence in the Middle East and provides sales and support services in both English and Arabic was also a huge advantage over competing solutions.

Installation and integration was performed by Navori partner Technology House.  A highly successful technical firm that specializes in advanced digital signage solutions in Saudi Arabia since 2000.

Navori SA is a leader in digital signage software applications.  The Navori QL software platform supports both PCs and Android devices seamlessly. Navori also offers its own Android device with QL Player pre-installed and ready to use.  The QL StiX 2400 delivers near broadcast quality content playback at a very affordable price.  With over 15 years of experience, Navori is committed to producing the most reliable and user friendly software applications in the industry.