Thursday, July 4, 2013


One of the largest French expo and convention centers deploys Swiss technology for signage and way finding
Digital signage expert integrator MYOOH installed a NAVORI QL platform running the event sign-age displays in the EUREXPO convention center in Lyon, France.

Screens are used for visitor welcome messages in the entrance area and also display information and time schedules of the different venues.

“Compared to the traditional sign-age they used, the communications staff now saves about 50% of their time” explains Cyril Bonnefoy, Commercial Director of MYOOH, “This is a new specialization, so apart from the integration and install we also offer content services to event organizers who are not familiar with Digital Sign-age. The NAVORI QL platform was an evident choice because it al-lows us to easily create and man-age content in a joint workflow with EUREXPO. Also the ease of use and the TV grade playback quality of QL where a decisive factor for this project.”

Currently 30 screens are installed and the NAVORI QL system can easily expand to any extra number of displays an exposition or convention scenario requires.

Two tailor made display totems in the entrance area as well as other screens in the EUREXPO building complex are used for way finding, directing visitors to different areas.

NAVORI QL interfaces with the back office system to update the meeting information on the displays at the conference room entrances.


Lyon based MYOOH is a leading Digital Signage solution provider offering turn key projects in this emerging market. Apart from project integration the company also offers a wide range of multimedia content and services.