Monday, November 26, 2012

Ullevaal Stadium – Outdoor / Sports – Norway

Navori QL Digital Signage platform for outdoor sports advertising in Norway

Display System AS,  an AV Integratorand NAVORI QL Certified Partner based in Norway, recently installed the NAVORI QL Digital Signage platform for outdoor advertising at the UllevaalStadion.

Ullevaal is Norway’s national soccer stadium and the Navori QL signage platform is exploited in a SAAS (Software-as- a-service) model cutting down even more on operational exploitation costs in a Digital Signage environment.

The initial project phase was to replace the existing static signage at entrance level with a Digital Signage solution,  enabling a more diversified communications channel that is capable of broadcasting all types of  real time information.

Four Infinitus outdoor display systems are installed running NAVORI QL Player software, centrally controlled by the NAVORI QL Manager Platform.