Thursday, June 12, 2014

What to look for in a professional digital signage solution

There are many digital signage software products that claim to be easy to use, reliable or cost effective but start using them you'll quickly discover nothing could be further from the truth.  This is why Navori invites you to compare it's software with any CMS on the market.

When selecting your next digital signage CMS software, ask yourself the following questions...

  • Does the software support multiple operating systems?
    • Navori QL Manager is web-based and no software needs to be installed.
    • Navori QL Player is available in Windows and Android versions.
  • Is the CMS really easy to use?  Can non-technical staff use it effectively?
    • Navori QL Manager is one of the easiest CMS software on the market.  QL Manager can be accessed using most web browsers and staff can be trained in hours, not days.
    • Users can create sophisticated template layouts and include real-time data from RSS feeds and XML sources without any programming.  No scripting or programming is required.
    • Data can also be stored in Navori QL's own database and non-technical users can make changes and add more information using a familiar "spreadsheet" format.
  • Can anyone create content using this software?
    • Navori QL Manager features a template and a ticker designer so users can create rich content.  Templates and tickers feature geographic shapes (rectangle, circle), the current time, the current date, content zones, playlist zones, background images (templates only) and real-time data (RSS, XML, server hosted).
    • Tickers can be dressed up with logos, shapes, time and date including real-time data feeds.
  • Does the software support large-scale deployments or deployments across vast distances?
    • Navori QL can support player deployments in excess of 50,000 Players.  The software is built on a Microsoft foundation and uses SQL Server and Microsoft IIS.
    • Players across large geographic areas can communicate via the Internet.  LAN and WAN is also supported.
  • Does the software allow for multi-tenant installations?
    • System Administrators can restrict users access to specific groups of Players ensuring users can only access their own players, content and scheduling.
    • Network operators can delegate some administrative duties to their customers as required.  Group Administrators can create and manage their own user accounts without affecting other users on the system.
    • Each tenant can be given their own user and Player profiles (self-hosted version) ensuring corporate standards are enforced.  For example, a company's logo can be displayed on screen when there is nothing scheduled for playback.  Screens can be turned on or off according to a customer's hours of operation.
  • Is the software reliable?  Can I set it up and forget it?
    • Navori QL Player was designed from the ground up for 24/7/365.  The software also reports back to the Server at regular intervals so you always know the status of all your Players at a glance in the Navori QL Manager interface.
    • Navori QL Player features a watchdog that oversees the application and ensures the PC or Android device is always operating optimally.
    • Navori QL Player is one of the most reliable application of its kind, but don't take our word for it.  Contact your nearest Navori sales office for a list of references or check out the Navori web site for more information.
  • I have never heard of Navori?  Are they a new company?
    • Navori is based in Lausanne, Switzerland with sales offices in North America, South America and in the Middle East.
    • The company has been developing digital signage software solutions for over 15 years.
    • Navori has a dedicated team of engineers who continuously refine the company's flagship product, Navori QL.
    • Navori QL is the company's second generation digital signage platform that incorporates all the latest technologies like a web-based user interface, multi-group/sub-groups, hybrid player support (Windows and Android), support for external data, triggered content (fire/evacuation alarms, RFID, motion sensors, Kinect, etc...)  
The Navori QL software is available for testing on the company's SaaS server for a period of 10 days and a trial copy of Navori QL's self-hosted version is also available for those who require it.

Contact Navori for details.