Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Navori supports "disconnected" digital signage players

Digital signage technologies are great for pushing content across a LAN or via the internet. Unfortunately not every location is connected and this often complicates digital signage deployments.  There are situations where running network cables or even WiFi is simply not feasible and where using wireless is sometimes too expensive.  There is also the problem of rural areas with poor bandwidth or intermittent internet access that make digital signage installations very difficult. Think of locations such as parks, golf courses, etc...  Then you have areas where internet access is cost-prohibitive like in trade show halls or in mobile digital signage installations where tablets or mobile PCs are mounted inside vehicles.

When facing these situations, you need a solution that is reliable and able to perform flawlessly even when there is no network available.

The solution is Navori's new external player update add-on.  This add-on was designed for Windows PCs and Andoid devices running QL Player that aren't connected to a network and have no access to the internet. It lets users update Navori QL managed content and schedules using a USB flash drive.

To update players, users simply copy their programming and content updates including QL Server hosted data feeds to a USB flash Drive.  When the flash drive is connected to a PC or Android device running QL Player, the software automatically retrieves the update just as if it was delivered over a network.  This makes digital signage installations that were difficult, if not impossible to execute, as simple as plug and play.

With this new add-on, Navori continues to demonstrate its leadership in digital signage software design.