Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Imperial palace opened in 1913 and in a short time gained worldwide recognition.
Its luxury attracted some of the world’s greatest including Winston Churchill, George VI, Charlie Chaplin, Edith Piaf…
The IMPERIAL PALACE is composed of a 4 Star Hotel domain, a casino organizing International Poker events and a convention center.
Description Project
Roll out a Digital Signage solution across all venues of the IMPERIAL PALACE in view of a streamlined and consistent communication addressed to VIP guests.
The 1st phase consisted in deploying NAVORI in the Casino and the hotel Lobby. The 2nd phase will focus on the convention center.

A Solution with multi user capacity and cross-department content management for the different areas
Real time management of Information for the casino: Tournaments, Results, Gaming tables…
Live stream from poker tables across different screens in the hotel domain
To satisfy high expectations of guests, the unmatched player Quality of NAVORI was a critical aspect in the technology choice.
Convention Centre Management via Room management

NAVORI offers a complete solution with both centralized management and multi-tenant
Shared and individual group of screens for every user. Multi-level Libraries and Playlists.
Profile setting with limitations in accesses and features
Content validation process by Administrator

NAVORI Datafeedmanager enables interaction and broadcast of information from any Database with an XML source in real time
Streaming supported natively by NAVORI QL Player. The possibility to be able to relay a live stream from AXIS security cameras is significant added value
The Playback Quality and seamless transitions of NAVORI results of NAVORI’s proprietary graphic rendering engine: Frame accurate to a 1/30th of a second.