Thursday, February 23, 2012


Swissport International is a leading global airport and aviation service provider with a presence in 177 airports worldwide.

The company provides ground services for around 100 million passengers and 3.2 million tons of cargo per year. In order to better communicate with their global workforce, Swissport launched a digital signage project named “Infoscreen”.

The goal was to reduce a lot of the inefficiencies around paper based communication and provide airport staff with real-time corporate information. The initial roll out of 50 Players was completed a few months ago in Zurich and based on the success of this project, Swissport decided to accelerate the deployment across their entire enterprise.

To this date, Navori QL has been deployed in Zurich, Basel and Helsinki with installations currently taking place in Paris and Brussels. Once the roll out is completed, Navori QL will be powering a network that will reach a global workforce of 35,000 people in 177 airports across five continents.

Since the initial deployment, Navori QL's role has expanded beyond corporate information.  The Infoscreen network now displays employee training material, real-time airport communication, live weather and flight information.

Screen management is performed by each department using Navori QL Manager's browser based solution. The software has proven to be very easy to learn which is extremely helpful due to the company's tight deployment schedule.

As Mr. Kleber Fl├╝gel, Project Manager at Swissport says, "customers appreciate the fact they can control their own screen content and we can focus on the things we do best like support services and project management".

Here are a few reasons why Swissport chose Navori QL over other solutions:

  • Navori QL's web based management system lets Swissport use existing thin clients instead of having to deploy new desktop PCs.
  • Navori QL Manager's interface is extremely user friendly.  It has the "look and feel" of a locally installed software application without the cost and the maintenance requirements.
  • The Navori QL platform is a highly scalable solution that will support Swissport's deployment schedule as it moves forward.
  • Navori QL's user management features lets Swissport focus on their network and back-end operations.  End users can be assigned specific rights according to their needs and their responsibilities.
  • Navori QL Player features an extremely efficient playback engine that lets Swissport leverage entry-level PCs. This can represent significant savings over the course of the project. 

Swissport is one of the many companies that rely on Navori digital signage technologies to power their screen network.