Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Cafeterías Colón operates its own private TV channel to broadcast important information, special offers, promotions and local news on LCD screens located around their store.

The store currently services an estimated 50,000 visitors per month which makes it an ideal location for audiovisual marketing and digital signage.

Canal Visual´s digital signage solution is based on the NAVORI software platform.  The system offers content creation tools, live weather and news updates via RSS feeds. This lets the store manage their content content and adapt the messages according to their immediate needs.

 "Sales of my weekly specials increased by 20% since we introduced this new communication channel", says Francisco Moreno Fernandez, owner of Cafeterias Colón.

The Cafeterias Colón Channel manages all content using the Navori Server application. The Server controls the programming, player content updates, proof-of-playback reporting and live player status.

Navori’s template feature allows us to create different viewing areas on each screen and assign third-party advertising as required. Playlists are assigned to each screen area independently and are displayed seamlessly  providing for a truly enjoyable viewing experience.